He Has a Brand-New Look

As one of Whitney’s closest allies, Todd has been appearing on the TLC show since it debuted. In early seasons, the dance instructor sported blonde hair and a clean-shaven face.

Though Todd and Whitney had some disagreements over the years (like when Whitney surprised him at his New York City dance class), they’ve remained friends. 

After spending months apart due to restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic, Whitney chronicled her reunion with Todd online in September of 2020, and fans were shocked to see his new look. Whitney posted three photos with Todd on Sept. 13, when she and her dog, Neeshi, visited him in Asheville, N.C.

Todd’s hair is now brown, and he has a salt-and-pepper beard. Whitney’s followers lit up the comments section of her post, and they couldn’t get enough of Todd’s “glow-up.”

“Love Todd’s salt and peppa look,” one person wrote, while another remarked that “Todd looks good.”

Aside from the obvious comments about Todd’s updated look, fans were also thrilled to see that Whitney was hanging out with her “old gang” of friends. 

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