Has Kristin Chenoweth Had Plastic Surgery? Here’s What We Know

After the first episode of Food Network’s Candy Land aired in November of 2020, viewers took to the internet to figure out why host Kristin Chenoweth looked a little bit different. Obviously, people can definitely change up their appearance without getting any kind of plastic surgery — it’s amazing what makeup and a different hairstyle can do! However, when it came to Kristin’s appearance, people thought there was something more than makeup at play.

According to a tweet from Kristin from June of 2020, she has had “No plastic surgery,” though she did say that she’s had Botox in the past. Something tells us that won’t stop people from continuing to speculate, but that’s a good enough answer for us! (Also, to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with anyone choosing to get plastic surgery, and it’s kind of weird how obsessed people are with finding out whether someone has had it.)

Regardless of which procedures Kristin has or has not undergone, one thing is for certain: She’s incredibly talented and a total natural in front of the camera. Her decades-long career on Broadway (as well as on TV and in films) is enough proof of that.

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