Harry Styles’ Hit Track Explained

During his Tiny Desk Concert for NPR in May 2020, Harry got candid about the history of “Watermelon Sugar.” He explained that the common misconceptions of the song being about a past lover are a far reach from the true origin of the title. In fact, the song was just a loose idea he was messing around with while he was in the studio until a glimpse at a Richard Brautigan book caught his attention.

“I was in Nashville on my day off, and I went into the studio just to kind of play around a little bit and we started some ideas and then I was with the guys who I made the first album with and we had this idea,” he led off the explanation by saying.

What came next was the small, but integral moment that defined the song’s existence. “We had this chorus/melody which was pretty repetitive and a Richard Brautigan book, ‘In Watermelon Sugar’ was on the table and I was like, ‘That’ll sound cool,'” Harry explained, confirming that the title was merely a time-and-place reference to a nearby book and nothing more.

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