Happy Birthday, Taylor Lautner — His Top Shirtless Moments in ‘Twilight’

“Doesn’t he own a shirt,” Edward dryly uttered when he dropped his girlfriend off so she could hang out with her BFF. If you’re a fan of the movies, you know that Jake was basically sans clothing for 98.9 percent of the the saga. While the Quileute tribe member may have been comfortable constantly showcasing his muscular physique, Taylor was not.

“Taking the shirt off, for sure,” the actor told E! News in 2012 about the one thing he would not miss filming after the saga concluded. “It’s not fun.”   

He continued: “One, when we film these movies in like horrendous weather conditions and in the books it’s always suppose to be cold and gloomy and the sun can never be out so that’s not fun. And then the second thing is, I’m always the only person with my shirt off, so… I wish just everybody could, you know, do it once and then you know, it would make me feel more comfortable.”    

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