Halsey’s Pregnant! But When (and Why) Did She and Evan Peters Break Up?

When Halsey and Evan Peters announced that they were dating, it was a true lesson in the art of manifestation. More than five years ago, Halsey tweeted her love for the American Horror Story actor, even inciting a petition for them to become a couple, and in 2019, it finally happened.

After a few weeks of dating, the former lovers made their courtship official, but after a recent pregnancy announcement with her current boyfriend, Alev Aydin, fans are wondering: Why did Halsey and Evan Peters break up? 

So, why did Halsey and Evan Peters split?

Speculation about the couple’s breakup was sparked after Halsey abruptly deleted all of Evan’s photos from her Instagram page in 2020. While fans are unsure of exactly why Evan and Halsey decided to end their relationship, a previously liked tweet confirmed their breakup and suggested that the two ended on bad terms. 

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why did halsey and evan peters break up

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Here are the details on Halsey and Evan Peters’ relationship history.

Halsey initially expressed her interest in the actor in a since-deleted tweet that read, “Seriously Evan Peters stop making me attracted to alleged sociopaths and accused murderers….” At the time, the actor was romantically linked and previously engaged to Emma Roberts, but later, Halsey and Evan sparked dating rumors after being seen holding hands at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2019. 

A source shared, “Halsey has always been a huge fan of Evan’s. A friend connected them and they had also been chatting over social media before deciding to hang out. It’s still very new, but they are both interested in dating each other and hanging out.”

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why did halsey and evan peters break up

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The couple confirmed their relationship by appearing together at FX’s American Horror Story 100th Episode Celebration Halloween party, but in an interview, Halsey revealed that she was trying her hardest to keep their relationship private.

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She explained, “A friend of mine — another female artist who has been criticized for dating a lot of people — said, ‘Ashley, you need to live your f–king life and ignore what people say about you.’ And so now I keep everything to myself in terms of my romantic relationships.” 

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Halsey and Evan’s relationship started only a few months after her breakup with her ex, fellow musician Yungblud, who she was seen having dinner with again shortly after her breakup with Evan. 

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