Gunther from ‘Friends’ Had Some Underrated Quotes During the Show’s Run

This episode, which is entitled “The One with the Race Car Bed,” begins with each character’s internal dialogue. When Gunther goes to drop coffee off for the friends, he marvels at the fact that Ross is dating Rachel.

“What does Rachel see in this guy?” Gunther thinks. “I love Rachel. I wish she was my wife.”

Later on in the episode, Rachel asks Ross to meet her dad. After Ross agrees, he and Rachel kiss. Ross notices that Gunther had been looking at them, so he says “hi.”

Gunther is still stuck on the fact that Ross gets to meet Rachel’s dad, so he responds, “Yeah, we’ll see!”

The episode perfectly highlights Gunther’s feelings toward Ross, which are solely rooted in his jealousy. Though Ross tries to be nice to Gunther, it’s never enough to avoid the manager’s snarky comments.

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