Glenn Beck: The United States feels a lot like pre–World War II Germany

‘We are currently deeply — probably 1926, 1928 — Weimar Republic.’

That’s Glenn Beck’s assessment of just how nasty things have gotten of late in America.

The founder of the Blaze, a former Fox News personality, was referring to the German state between World War I and the run-up to World War II — an era that ushered in the rise of Nazism.

“At that time, the two newspapers in Germany … one was saying the National Socialists’ point, the other was saying the communist point,” Beck told CNN. “And you could look at the papers on the same day for the same event and you’d get two different radically different views to where it didn’t even look like it was the same event.”

From there, the conservative talk-show host went on to bemoan the political polarization that continues to divide the country.

“Winners creates losers, and with everybody trying to just win and be right, we stopped listening to each other,” he said. “And we’ve come to this place where we think, ‘The other side doesn’t have anything to teach me, so I’m not even going to listen to them.’ ”

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