G-Eazy Cheated on Halsey, and She’s Been Exposing Him the Whole Time

About a month after the split, Halsey moved on to the musician Yungblud. But despite their cute PDA pics, their relationship ended in September of 2019, after just a few months together. 

Halsey then went on to date actor Evan Peters, confirming their relationship when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and called him her “boyfriend.” They even appeared on the red carpet together while celebrating the 100th episode of American Horror Story

However, in March 2020, Halsey appeared to delete almost all of her pictures with Evan from Instagram, which led people to believe they had broken up. Sure enough, she “liked” a tweet referencing their breakup in June 2020, confirming she and Evan were no longer an item.

These days, Halsey has been romantically linked to supermodel Cara Delevingne, who also just happens to be the ex of G-Eazy’s current GF, Ashley Benson. Apparently, Halsey and Cara’s relationship is pretty casual and just for fun (at least for now), but you can’t deny there’s something kind of poetic about it, right?

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