Funny ‘Among Us’ Usernames — Ideas to Make Your Friends LOL

It’s also a fun game with colorful characters that you can play anywhere with your friends. With all that in mind, even though you need to masterfully deceive others, it’s fine to have some fun when it comes to setup, too. 

You can, of course, opt for a blank name instead if that’s what you’re looking to do. But sometimes a funny nickname or reference can put the game on a whole other level. Here are some funny usernames you can adopt for your next Among Us game. 

Funny usernames to choose in ‘Among Us’:

If you’re tired of using the same username over and over that you use elsewhere in Among Us, it may be time to spice things up considerably. Here are some ideas that you could try. 

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First off, think of some fun themes you and the room could cycle through. Maybe you’re all going to be a Spice Girl or a member of One Direction. Those names aren’t hurting anyone, and you get to fanboy or fangirl out over the names you’ve chosen. 

Perhaps you’re all car makers or desserts. Anything goes, really. 

If you want to get raunchier, consider using names like “YourMom” or “YourDad” or something to that effect so that the game’s flavor text reads funnily when someone is found to be an Imposter. 

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You could also go the opposite direction and use names like “NoOne” or “Someone” to throw everyone off. The name of the game is deception, so logic goes out the window if you’re just trying not to get caught. That’s all that matters in the end with these games, after all. 

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If you really want to mess with others’ heads, you could enter fake attributes about yourself in the name field. Maybe you’re “RedFriend” or “YellowHater.” This might give others the thought that you’re being biased toward one color character than another. 

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It could even save you from being eliminated or being found out as The Imposter at one point or another if you choose a good enough game. Of course, this all matters how well you play and end up trying to keep up the ruse. 

Among Us is a game that you’ll have to be creative with so you can stay one step ahead of the others at all times. You’ll likely think of way better usernames than the ones above, but if in doubt, you can always choose pop culture names. 

Those always end up making for some fun times, after all.

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