Former Hockey Player Tom Laidlaw Is on ‘Survivor’ — Does He Win?

Unfortunately, Survivor spoilers are very hard to come by, but some die-hard fans have predictions — and they believe that Tom has what it takes to make it far. 

Survivor finally welcomes Canadians and make the PERFECT choice,” one fan tweeted. “Someone we all know who can hide in the shadows. And he played in the NHL!!! And Probst clearly likes him. Go Tom Laidlaw!”

His former Rangers teammate, Cam Connor, also showed his support on the social media platform, adding, “Watching Survivor and who do I see in the preview for next season but my old New York Rangers buddy. Can’t wait to watch Tom Laidlaw, one of the smartest, kindest, genuine people I know and he’s still in top shape. If anyone can win, it’s Tom.”

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