‘Flip or Flop’ Contractor Jake Rigel Details: Inside the Rumors

Although Tarek and Christina are undoubtedly the biggest stars of Flip or Flop, they use a number of different contractors on their flips, typically tasking them with redesigning huge chunks of the home that they’ve purchased. Jake Rigel is one of the contractors the couple has used, and he’s one who’s helped them turn a sizable profit on several occasions. 

According to The Wrap, Jake is the second most profitable contractor in the history of Flip or Flop. On the four flips that he was a part of, he helped Tarek and Christina earn a profit of $434,500. That makes his average profit on a flip $108,625, which is a pretty staggering sum. Although Christina and Tarek have used other contractors more frequently, it seems like Jake should become a more regular part of their rotation.

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/jake-rigel-flip-or-flop

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