Ex NBA Player Lance Stephenson Has Two Kids With Feby Torres

Feby and Lance met back in 2008 and soon started to date. The duo had their first child with each other, Layla, 10 years ago, and three years after, they had another child, Lance Jr. While things were looking good for the pair, their relationship ending abruptly in 2015. Not too long after the breakup, Feby took Lance to court for child support. 

At the time, Lance was giving Feby $6,000 a month to help support their 4- and 1-year-old children with food, daycare, car payments, and other expenses. Feby asked the court to order her ex to double the amount to over $12,000, so she and her kids could move into a better neighborhood and attend better schools. In the end, Feby did win her child support case. Not much is known about Lance’s two kids with Feby. 

Feby doesn’t post many photos on social media with her kids, but she did take to her Instagram not too long ago and posted a picture with Layla and Lance Jr. after purchasing her first house. She wrote, “When your mama purchases your first home, this is all theirs.” Congrats Feby!

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