Embarrassing Leaked Texts, Messages From Celebrities

In 2013, TMZ obtained screenshots of a text conversation between Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham and Charlie Sheen. In the messages, Farrah enthusiastically asked Charlie out on a date and even creepily suggested their kids could have a playdate, too. “Helloooooo!” she texted. “Just wanted to say I was excited to meet you. I just felt like saying your super funny and would love to meet you  at some point & I’m in town a lot & hopefully soon will move to the area.”

Charlie replied, “Coffee is for amateurs and grandma. Would love to get together!!”

But it didn’t end there. Farrah texted him an essay a few days later that sounded completely off the handle. “Hey Charlie! I’m going to a b-day party,” she wrote. “You can come if you are up for some drinks but there will be like pornstar ppl there, so if your not comfortable with that then  let me know something else you would like to do. :)”

Charlie wrote back with, “That is quite the spectrum to navigate young lady…”

Not only did Farrah come across as desperate, what’s even more baffling is that she leaked the entire conversation herself.

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/entertainment/2019/01/24/q2v_96zSq/celebs-embarrassing-texts-leaked

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