Elizabeth Potthast’s Sisters on ’90 Day Fiancé’ Are a Lot to Handle

Elizabeth’s brother, Charlie Potthast, also has his own issues with Andrei, but her sisters haven’t exactly given him a break either. They have both accused Andrei of trying to take advantage of their father and his property management business, and they aren’t shy about their opinions regarding Andrei supposedly manipulating the family patriarch.

Becky Lichtwerch is Elizabeth’s sister who also happens to be a real estate agent. She works in the family business to sell properties and, because Andrei also wants to be in the same line of work, she’s not too wild about him potentially competing with her. Becky is also married with a kid, like Elizabeth, but the drama never seems far from her.

Jenn Davis, Elizabeth’s other older sister, is a big part of Elizabeth’s storyline on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? too. She’s a married mom of two but, unlike her sisters, she doesn’t appear to be part of the family business. Jenn does have a pretty lavish lifestyle, but she doesn’t seem to have a job. At least, not one that she has spoken about on the show or social media.

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