Don Johnson Has Been Married Several Times — Is He Now?

Though the actor has been in the spotlight for more than 50 years now, the names of his first two wives have never been publicly shared. 

Don’s first two marriages were both annulled within a few days. Following those two unions, he had a romance with rock groupie Pamela Des Barres. The two lived together before splitting in the early ’70s.

He first met actress Melanie Griffith in 1972, when she was just 14 years old. At the time, Don was starring in Harrad Experiment with Melanie’s mother, Tippi Hedren.

Don and Melanie moved in together in 1973, and they got engaged on her 18th birthday. The actors tied the knot in January of 1976, and they separated just six months later. 

Following their divorce in December of 1976, Don dated Sally Adams, Patti D’Arbanville, Barbra Streisand, Uma Thurman, and Penelope Ann Miller.

He remarried Melanie in 1989, and the two welcomed daughter Dakota in that year as well. They split for good in 1996. 

Since 1999, Don has been married to socialite and kindergarten teacher Kelley Phleger. Prior to her romance with the actor, Kelley dated California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Kelley and Don are still married, and they periodically appear in public together on the red carpet. 

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