Does Ryan Reynolds Really Have a Twin Brother or Was It for a Bit?

For some weird reason Jean-Claude Van Damme has three “twin” movies where he takes on dual roles: Double Impact, Maximum Risk, and Replicant. Perhaps he watched the barber shop scene from Coming to America and thought to himself, “This, this is acting.” Or maybe he thought that his fans would be stoked to see TWICE the Van Damme in a flick. Whatever the reason, people honestly thought that Van Damme had a twin brother, and people are now asking if Ryan Reynolds does too.

So why do people think that Ryan Reynolds has a twin?

Look, camera tricks have become very, very convincing and have been for a long time; just look at Lord of the Rings which had everyone convinced hobbits were real, and The Artist that somehow had everyone fooled it was a good movie.

With clever editing it appears that Ryan’s sitting across from his identical twin, but in reality he’s just ragging on himself because being able to make fun of yourself is comedy gold.

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He brought Gordon back to help promote his Aviation Gin brand along with Deadpool 2 and to chat about Father’s Day. Of course, Gordon was his same, irreverent self as always. The lime flick is probably the best part.

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While some people are definitely “in” on the joke of Ryan’s twin, Gordon, there are some who honestly think the man does have a fraternal brother.

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