Does Michelle Buteau Have Kids? Details on the Comedian’s Life

Many people were first acquainted with Michelle Buteau when she hosted the experimental Netflix reality series The Circle. Though she didn’t interact directly with the contestants until the end, her voice guided viewers through the competition.

Aside from her hosting duties, Michelle has been performing stand-up comedy routines for nearly 20 years, and she’s also acted on-screen in films like Isn’t It Romantic, and Always Be My Maybe

One of her stand-up routines was filmed for Netflix, and it debuted on the streaming service on Sept. 29. In Michelle Buteau: Welcome to Buteaupia, the comedian discusses her family life, her pet peeves, and her acting roles, all while keeping a glass of frosé within arm’s reach.

Does Michelle Buteau have kids? Keep reading to find out more about her personal life.

Does Michelle Buteau have kids?

The actress/comedian is a mom of twins Otis and Hazel, who she shares with her husband, Gijs Van Der Most. The babies were born prematurely in January of 2019. She announced their birth on Instagram that month.

“And just like that…we went from a family of two to four. Husband and I welcomed twins (a boy and a girl) via surrogate this past weekend,” she wrote in the caption of her post. “After years of trying, countless needles IVF and too many procedures to remember…it was well worth every tear. Baby Hazel and Otis are my rainbow at the end of the storm. Whatever you want in your life, I wish that for you. I’m a mom now bishes!!!!!!!! Shut up.” 

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Michelle elaborated on her struggles with infertility, doing IVF, having several miscarriages, and her ultimate decision to use a surrogate in an essay for Glamour in September of 2019.

After having complications with one surrogate, Michelle and her husband found a second woman to help them become parents. The implantation process took place while Michelle was filming and playing a pregnant woman in the Netflix film Always Be My Maybe.

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“Thankfully, the embryos took and my surrogate became pregnant with my twins. Nine months later, when I held my babies for the first time, it was wild. It was insane, over the top. There’s not one word you can use to describe it. It was a marathon of emotions. I was so tired, but had finally reached this goal,” she wrote. “They are two souls who joined the world, and it will forever change us.”

On her Netflix special, Michelle opened up further about raising twins. 

“I truly didn’t realize how hard it would be to take care of little ones. Really. Because when people are like, ‘What’s motherhood like?’ I’m just like, ‘I feel like a shoe caught in the dryer…'” she said. “I’m so tired.”

Michelle does frequently post photos of her adorable twins, but she does not show their faces. 

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Who is Michelle Buteau’s husband?

On July 31, 2010, Michelle married Dutch native Gijs Van Der Most. Gijs is a photographer, whose work has been featured in Esquire, People, Men’s Health, and Fast Company. 

Michelle gave some insight into her marriage during her special. 

“My husband’s so cute. He’s so sweet. He’s from Holland, but he calls it the Netherlands,” she shared. “I’m like, ‘Boo-boo, you have to pick a name. We don’t give a f–k.”

Source: Netflix

She later discussed their dynamic.

“Like I’m his sassy American wife, and he’s this very polite, white Dutch dude, and I don’t understand him sometimes,” she continued.

Michelle Buteau: Welcome to Buteaupia is available to stream on Netflix now.

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