Does Max Die on ‘In The Dark’? Season 2 SPOILERS!

Near the end of In the Dark Season 1, Max ends up being hunted down by drug lord and money launderer Nia and presumably killed for his involvement with Murphy. After hooking up with Murphy, Max decides Murphy would be safer if he separated from her and they had their paths diverge. 

He puts Murphy on a boat, tells her to row, and eventually, Murphy hears a gunshot — Max is presumably shot, but Murphy has no idea if this is true or not. The audience is left wondering the same thing.

After a few episodes finishing out Season 1, where it’s assumed Max is dead and Murphy must continue on without him. Of course, that isn’t the case, as Season 2 confirms. Max Parish does end up reappearing, having been on the run after a particularly messy breakup with Murphy – that explains his absence.  

After Max went looking for the cash that her friends stole from Nia’s stash, he ends up being arrested by Officer Gene Clemens (Matt Murray). It’s complicated, but at least he’s alive.

Though Max is in danger, Nia does communicate (by way of her henchman Sam) that he’s still alive to Murphy. 

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