Does Lucifer Have a Twin? What to Know About Season 5 — Spoilers!

In the Season 5 trailer, Chloe is forced to deal with her heartbreak and the absence of the man she loves. To get her mind off of her relationship troubles, she throws herself into her work and starts partying with Maxe (Lesley-Ann Brandt).

While the detective is at a crime scene, she shockingly discovers Lucifer there. She passionately runs over and kisses him. However, the king of hell is a bit different from when fans last saw him.

In the clip, Chloe explains that the man she fell in love with has changed since arriving back from hell. Finally, it’s revealed that Lucifer actually has a twin brother named Michael, and he has a clear motive for being on Earth. “I’m not gonna break Lucifer’s life. I’m gonna take it,” he states.

At the end of the trailer, we see Michael and Lucifer going head-to-head in a battle. Well, we certainly can’t wait to see what kind of trouble Lucifer’s twin causes in Season 5.

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