Does Kim Burgess Die in ‘Chicago P.D.’? (SPOILERS)

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the Season 8 finale of Chicago P.D.

When it comes to long-running TV dramas, among fans’ top worries is whether or not writers plan on killing off their favorite characters. And by the end of the penultimate episode of Season 8 of Chicago P.D., viewers feared the worst for Officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati). But does she die?

Does Kim Burgess die in ‘Chicago P.D.’?

Season 8 Episode 15 of Chicago P.D. (“The Right Thing”) saw Kim Burgess get knocked out right at the end — leaving viewers wondering what happened to her and if she ultimately makes it out of the scary situation alive.

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The synopsis for the Season 8 finale — which is titled “The Other Side” — is as follows: “Voight and the team muster all their expertise to bring down a deadly crime ring. Burgess finds herself in a dangerous situation.”

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In an exclusive clip from the Season 8 finale, which was shared exclusively with E! Online, Officer Kim Burgess wakes up handcuffed and with a head wound in the backseat of a car.

Her kidnapper, Kent Darby, then proceeds to drag her out of the vehicle and toward an abandoned building.

“Kent, I’m telling you we can work this out, OK?” Kim tells him. “Listen to me. Listen to me. I know you didn’t kill those girls.”

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After Kent brutally pushes her to the ground, Officer Burgess continues, “Kent, I know you didn’t kill those girls or Darrell. That was your boss. That was Roy.”

She adds, “We can make this all fine. Just fine, but …”

But before Kim can finish her sentence, Kent grabs for something in his jacket, and Kim lunges at him. Although she kicks him a few times in the groin and tries to strangle him, he ends up knocking her to the ground, punching, and kicking her.

So yeah. Things aren’t looking fantastic for Officer Kim Burgess going into the Season 8 finale of Chicago P.D. But considering the lack of reports that Marina Squerciati is leaving the show, we’re optimistic Kim will make it out alive and onto our TV screens again in Season 9.

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In fact, at the end of the episode, it appears that Burgess has managed to save herself. After she switched on the emergency lights of a car she broke into while she was literally bleeding to death, Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) were able to make it to her in time. After being shot by her attacker, she had made a tourniquet, crawled out of the garage she was shot in, broke into one of the cars on the lot, and turned on the emergency lights before passing out in the driver’s seat.

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When the two found her, her pulse was weak, but she was alive. She was rushed into surgery for treatment. After all this (and after Burgess was such a badass to save herself like that), it seems unlikely that she’ll die ahead of the upcoming season.

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