Does Jonathan Taylor Thomas Have a Son? He’s Always Been Super Private

If you ever wonder what your ’90s crush, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, is up to, you’ll have a hard time digging. The Home Improvement star always kept private about his life when he was in the spotlight, and now that he’s been off the grid since 2015 (he was on Last Man Standing from 2013 to 2015), he’s even more secretive.

Although there have been some rumors about his love life and sexuality, virtually nothing is really known about JTT’s relationships. The former actor turns 39 on Sept. 8, leading longtime fans to wonder if he has a family of his own by this point. 

Not to mention, some fans of Fuller House have noticed that actor Tanner Buchanan is basically a Jonathan Taylor Thomas lookalike, prompting them to wonder: Does JTT have a son?

Does Jonathan Taylor Thomas have a son?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas may or may not have family, and we’d never know it either way. There are no signs of Jonathan Taylor Thomas having a son, but it’s not like the child star has public social media accounts. Even after searching for information under his real name, Jonathan Weiss, we were unable to find anything. The only time he was romantically tied to anyone was when it was rumored he was dating Dr. Quinn‘s Jessica Bowman.

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Some also thought he might be gay.

“Pretty much in Hollywood, you’re not anyone until it’s rumored that you’re gay, so I wasn’t that upset about it,” Jonathan told Jay Leno when he was 17. The talkshow host asked if the rumor “drove him nuts” and Jonathan replied, “Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but they’re rumors and you should always be careful with that internet stuff.”

When Jay Leno then asked if he was gay, he replied,  “No, no, no, no, I’m not.”

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Two years after that interview, he played a gay teen in the show Common Ground as well as a bisexual hustler in Speedway Junky, and he once more had to field questions about his sexuality. Apparently, a website called Cyber-Sleaze “confirmed” that Jonathan was gay. Jonathan told The Advocate that his agent and friends called him wondering if the rumors were true. When asked if he was “angry” about it, Jonathan replied that he wasn’t. Although his 95-year-old grandma was upset over it.


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The Advocate asked him if he had a girlfriend, and Jonathan replied, “Not at the moment.” His celebrity crush? Cameron Diaz. “I met her really briefly. She pinched my cheeks, and then told me that I reminded her of her brother. That just crushed me,” he shared.

These days, it’s unclear what JTT is up to, although it was reported in July 2019 that he was running for a SAF-AFTRA board seat. After a super busy acting career in the ’90s (a portion of Jonathan’s highlights include voicing a young Simba in Disney’s The Lion King, playing Tom in Tom and Huck, and of course his iconic role as Randy Taylor in Home Improvement) it looks like Jonathan is living a quieter life.

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