Does Joel McHale Have Hair Plugs? His Hairline Is Telling

Maybe some people aren’t totally in love with Joel because they often associate him with his less than lovable character Jeff Winger from Community. But if that’s the case, they might be seeing more of Jeff in the future. For years, fans have rallied for a movie to continue the adventures of their beloved Community characters and Joel told PopCulture that he is in full support of a movie.

“I would do that in a heartbeat. That would be so much fun,” he said, of a Netflix-produced Community movie. “It’s so funny ‘cause people were like, ‘Hey, I discovered your show on Netflix,’ and I was like, ‘It’s been streaming for five years already!’ But boy, Netflix, they really pushed it out, which was really great.”

So you’re saying there’s a chance. Hair plugs or not, Joel McHale definitely has a steady fan base.

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