Do ‘Forged in Fire’ Losers Get Paid? Here’s What You Should Know

Currently in its eighth season, Forged in Fire obtained a loyal fan base thanks to its jaw-dropping portrayal of the work of blacksmiths. From recurve choppers to machetes, there’s hardly any design the dexterous contestants haven’t had a go at over the past years. So, what about the remuneration? Do the contestants appearing on Forged in Fire get a standard fee? 

As a fast-spreading rumor has it, only the winners get paid. The rest of the crowd, some fans hypothesize, only get exposure. As one Redditor believes, contestants likely don’t have to worry about food, lodging, and their flights to New York and back — as these are all taken care of. There’s a chance, however, that the contestants who end up losing receive no monetary compensation for their efforts. 

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