Do Amelia and Link Get Married on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? Things Aren’t Looking Good

The Season 17 finale of Grey’s Anatomy is finally here. After months of spending bittersweet time with Meredith on her COVID coma beach, we’re finally back to reality. Almost. The beginning of “Someone Saved My Life Tonight,” takes us back to the beach…again. Meredith is throwing rose petals and feeling reflective. In real life, she’s the residency director at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital, but there’s also so much more that’s going on in the finale.

For instance, Link’s proposal to Amelia. Which…doesn’t go as planned, and a lot of fans probably saw the outcome from miles (or episodes) away.

Do Amelia and Link get married?

Sadly, Amelia and Link don’t get married in Season 17. Meredith’s kids adorably help Link propose to Amelia on the beach, and it really looks like things might go well. We get why he thinks she’d say yes. They have a child together. They’re in love. They’ve been through a lot. He tells her, “You challenge me, you thrill me, you impress the hell out of me,” and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Unfortunately, Amelia just doesn’t say anything (she doesn’t have to) and turns him down.

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This might not mean Amelia and Link aren’t endgame, though. They may decide to live as partners who don’t get married. Or maybe they get married in Season 18. Or maybe…they simply don’t make it. As we know, Grey’s likes to twist our expectations, and we’ve learned that the most poignant outcome isn’t always the happiest one.

At the end of the finale, Jo gets a knock on her door, and it’s Link. He needs a place to stay after Amelia turned down his proposal. Is it possible that Link and Jo will realize they have feelings for each other? Or was Jo part of the reason why Amelia turned Link down after Link wanted to help Jo foster Luna after her background check didn’t go through? This clearly added a lot of anxiety to Amelia’s plate, as she’s been very clear about not wanting anything to do with another child.

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Of course, Grey’s Anatomy Twitter is filled with all the thoughts.

“Link is so pure and Amelia is obsessed with self sabotage,” one person wrote.

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“me when i saw Amelia hesitate and Link close the ring box,” another fumed.

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And yes. That cliffhanger. It’s a lot to handle, especially after this emotional as heck season. “Honestly that could have been a wrap for season 17…but now I have to know what happens with jo and luna, teddy and Owen, and amelia and link.” a fan tweeted.

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Luckily, Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed for an 18th season, so we’ll likely get some answers, as well as some closure. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series “ranks as broadcast’s No. 1 entertainment series in the 18-49 demo,” and it averaged 15 million total viewers, which is up 4 percent from last season. Even after all these years, there’s still plenty of story left to tell — and we can’t wait.

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