‘Disenchantment’s Mora the Mermaid Is Voiced by This Familiar Actor

The Netflix original cartoon Disenchantment follows Princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson) and her pals Elfo (Nat Faxon) and Luci (Eric Andre),  as they seek adventures beyond their castle walls. Part 3 of Disenchantment, which just dropped Jan. 15, offers fans a whole new chapter for Princess Bean and company: After almost being burned at the stake, Bean and her friends escape the catacombs while the evil Ovdal (Maurice LaMarche) and Druidess (Tress MacNeille) keep trying to conquer Dreamland.

In one scene, we come across a mermaid with whom Bean makes friend. Well, more than just friends. And if you’re wondering who that is — and did some quick research online — you might actually be stumped, because Mora the mermaid is not actually listed on IMDb. Light Disenchantment spoilers ahead!

Who is Mora the mermaid’s voice actor from ‘Disenchantment’?

Mora the mermaid from Disenchantment is voiced by Meredith Hagner, who played Portia Davenport in Search Party, Misty in Palm Springs, Montana in Younger, and more. Meredith actually started her career as an actress when she took on the role of Liberty Ciccone in the soap opera As the World Turns in 2008. The actress was born in New York City, and raised in Texas and North Carolina. She’s married to actor Wyatt Russell and the two are expecting their first child.

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People are obsessed with Mora the mermaid, and people love that Bean and Mora have an intimate moment together.

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People are loving Part 3 in general, with one person tweeting, “FINALLY finished Part 3 of Disenchantment and I need Part 4 RIGHT NOW YOU CANT JUST END IT THERE.”

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The series (created by the brain behind The Simpsons and Futurama, Matt Groening) has been generally well-received, though AV Club claims that this season of Disenchantment feels a bit disjointed.

“Unfortunately, part one of Disenchantment’s second season (also known as ‘part three’) doubles down on the plot and strays further away from its comedic core,” the review states. “Disenchantment gets lost in its thicket of mythos and intrigue and forgets to come up for air,” the outlet adds.

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IGN echoed this review and wrote, “Disenchantment loses some of its forward momentum from Season 2 in terms of its comedic and storytelling prowess. While there are still laughs to be had and new locations to explore, many of the prominent storylines begin to lose their potency by the time we get to the season finale.”

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Still, the series is beloved on Twitter, and holds a solid 67 percent on Rotten Tomatoes (though the new season hasn’t been rated yet). For those who love raunchy cartoons and bad–s princesses who don’t hold back on the angst (or the drinking), this show is for you. And you get to meet amazing characters like Mora the mermaid, who we hope comes back for more seasons.

Disenchantment is currently streaming on Netflix now.

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