Did Teresa Giudice Sell Her House? — Find out What Happened to Her Home

Everything is lavish when it comes to the life of RHONJ star Teresa Giudice and her family. From her clothing to her lifestyle and especially to her East Coast pad, she lives so glamorously. The Montville home is massive and if you’re an avid fan of the Bravo show, you’d know how luxurious it is. The home sits on four acres of land and is 10,000 square feet with six bedrooms. It’s quite literally a mansion.

The property is absolutely stunning and it holds a lot of memories for the Giudice family. But, it seems like she’s ready to let it go, especially with Joe not being in the picture — or being in the country for that matter. So, the big question is, did Teresa sell her house? Find out if she did, and if you have a chance at scoring it. 

Did Teresa Giudice sell her house?

She and her ex-husband Joe purchased the land in 2002 for $530,000, with plans to construct their new home from the ground up. Overall, it took them about six years to finish building their dream house. The divorced couple and their daughters had lived there before Teresa and Joe separated. And in just the last year, Teresa had made some renovations to the property. 

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Her interior designer, Jimmy DeLaurentis, who did the recent remodeling of the place, told E! what it was like working with Teresa on this project. “[Teresa] was like, ‘My house needs a lot of work, it’s dark, it’s filled with old Italian stuff, Joe is gone,'” he said at the time. “She was just like, ‘I need to feel lighter in this house.’ It’s a huge house, everything was doom and gloom and dark, and she had memories of a lot of stuff and she just wanted to brighten it up,” he said. 

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Jimmy continued, “She took me through the house room by room, and she said, ‘You see this, this needs to go,’ and it’s a monster house. She wanted a whole new feel. And I said the first thing you got to do is lighten up all these walls, and the windows had these big heavy drapes. She called a painter that day and the painters were there, and I walked the painters through the house that very same day.” Sounds like she was prepping for the house to be on the market!

It’s unknown as to whether or not Teresa is shopping for a new place for her and her daughters — maybe she’ll move her and her family in with her new boyfriend! But nonetheless, if you want to nab the pad, this is your chance to try and make it yours.

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