Did Sonja Morgan Cheat on Her Husband? Allegations Have Been Made

RHONY star Sonja Morgan and John Adams Morgan got divorced in 2006, after around eight years of marriage. Some aspects of the split have been shrouded in secrecy, though Sonja did drop a few hints about what drove them apart in the past. So, are the rumors anything to go by? Did Sonja cheat on her husband? What happened? 

Did Sonja Morgan cheat on her ex-husband?

Sonja has been open about her struggles with feelings of loss, and has also spoken up about her financial difficulties in a recent episode of RHONY. It’s perhaps not too far-fetched to argue that returning to her home on New York’s Upper East Side also made her look back at the past with a fresh pair of eyes. 

sonja morgan cheating

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“I lost my best friend and a wonderful marriage. Is he dead? No. But for all intents and purposes, for me, he’s gone,” Sonja shared. “I had to make a choice for my daughter and I feel so bad. Maybe I should have stayed with him.” 

Unfortunately for fans, Sonja has yet to confirm the rumors about the demise of her marriage. A previous episode of RHONY featured an explosive fight between her and Dorinda Medley, however, and the heated argument contained a few clues. 

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“Stop with this baloney. I buried a husband, OK? … You got divorced how many years ago … Your husband left you, and my husband died!” Dorinda reminded Sonja. “Yes he did because people were f—ing around so don’t you dare compare f—ing marriage to me burying my husband because you were f—ing around in the south of France!”

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The unforgettable scene spurred many hypotheses, with some believing that Sonja had been the cheating party. Others think that Sonja and John were cheating on each other. Neither confirmed the rumors so far. 

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Another clue can be found in a post Carole Radziwill penned for The Daily Dish. In the text, Carole takes a new look at the conundrum that caused a great deal of friction between Sonja and Dorinda. She compares divorce to losing a husband, and arrives at the conclusion that the latter is significantly worse. 

“A 30-year-old restaurant hostess marries a wealthy man 25 years her senior … Six years go by, then eight, then 10. The older man’s stories start to dull. The young pretty wife gets restless. Their eyes, once gazed longingly at each other, start to wander. Their marriage is marked by infidelities on both sides until one files for divorce,” Carole writes. 

Carole doesn’t mention the people affected by names, though the story bears some resemblance to what Sonja and John seem to have gone through. 

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In an interview with the New York Post, Sonja shared a few additional details about what went down when she and John parted ways. 

“There were some people I shouldn’t have trusted,” she told the outlet. “And now I’m fending for myself — that’s the hard thing. It’s been a learning curve for me.” 

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