Did Sharon Stone Adopt Her Sons? Here’s How She Grew Her Family

“Watching children grow up you learn a lot about life and about being a better person — you learn a lot about what’s really important in the world and what isn’t,” Sharon Stone explained in a previous interview with the Mirror. 

The star of Basic Instinct, The Quick and the Dead, and the like shares her oldest son, Roan Joseph, with her ex-husband, Phil Bronstein. She went on to add two more boys, Laird Vonne and Quinn Kelly, to her family on her own. 

Sharon Stone and Phil got divorced after five years of marriage.

Phil filed for divorce in July 2003, citing irreconcilable differences. According to some sources, Sharon and Phil both filed for sole custody over Roan — which neither of them were granted in the first round. 

It’s understood that the custody order was changed on several occasions, and it likely became less and less liberal toward Sharon over the years.

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According to a previous article by ABC News, Sharon and Phil agreed that they would take turns looking after Roan during the school year. It’s understood that each spent three weeks taking care of him for a while. But the agreement didn’t last. 

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It’s understood that additional changes were made in November 2005, when the court ordered Sharon and Phil to spend two years each with Roan. Further amendments were made in October 2007, when Phil was granted sole custody over Roan for the duration of the school year. 

Sharon tried to challenge the custody order to no avail. In September 2008, the court ruled that Phil should enjoy sole custody over Roan during the school year permanently unless Sharon’s circumstances change. 

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“It’s hard. I don’t think anybody who’s ever been divorced can tell you divorce is easy or fun or feels like anything other than a tremendous failure,” Sharon explained during a previous appearance on Dateline. “Divorce is hard and painful and complicated, and something you have to grow through. And I’m growing through it.” 

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It appears, however, that Roan filed a petition in court to legally change his name to Roan Joseph Bronstein Stone in August 2019, shortly after he turned 19 years old.  

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