Did ‘Doubling Down With the Derricos’ Star Karen Derrico Have a Stroke?

Audiences have seen Karen Derrico and her family on their reality television series Doubling Down With the Derricos go through their share of ups and down on Season 2. When the new season premiered, Karen thought that she might be pregnant and later found out that she was pregnant with Baby No. 15, and unfortunately, in Episode 4, she finds out that she had yet another miscarriage.

Then Karen and her husband, Deon, found out that their 4-year-old son Diez would have to undergo surgery for his elongated skull. This was heartbreaking for Karen and Deon to hear from Diez’s doctor the procedure that would have to be performed on his son. But because the size of Diez’s head was considered low, it needed to be reshaped so that it would be able to grow the normal width. The Derricos have stayed strong through it all this season.

But it appears there would be another big hurdle that the family would have to overcome. During filming, Karen was rushed to the hospital after she had lost all control in her right side, leaving everyone worried and wondering what was happening to her. Did she have a stroke? Keep reading to find out more about the situation.

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Did Karen Derrico have a stroke while filming ‘Doubling Down With the Derricos’?

In the sneak peek for the season finale of Doubling Down With the Derricos courtesy of Pop Culture, Deon is in complete shock when his wife is rushed to the hospital. He fears that Karen has had a stroke because, during filming for the show, the two of them were talking, and suddenly, she had lost control of her entire right side. In the clip, Deon explains, “Literally, Karen just looked like she had a stroke. Her whole right side was paralyzed.”

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He goes on to say, “We was just in the middle of talking and sort of joking, and she immediately started crying with a straight face. No expression, just tears was just rolling down.” Deon says to the camera that seeing his wife like that was “one of the scariest things.” He continues, “I cannot believe the words that I am telling both GG and Eric.”

Karen and Deon Derrico talking to the cameras on 'Doubling Down With the Derricos'.

Source: TLC

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While talking to his mother, GG, the father of 14 discloses that he’s seen this happen to both his brother and grandmother. He tells GG, “When the side goes, you know, weak or numb like paralysis, that’s typically a stroke. So I don’t know.”

Thankfully, Karen did not have a stroke. She had untreated muscle spasms, which led to temporary paralysis. Though she’ll need massage therapy to help in her recovery, the finale sees her leave the hospital on the mend already.

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