Did Digger From ‘Moonshiners’ Get Busted? Here’s What We Know

Just because Digger and the other guys on Moonshiners haven’t gotten caught yet doesn’t mean others in the business haven’t had run-ins with the law. In a scene from the series, Mike and Shot discussed that moonshiners in their area had recently been busted.

“There’s been moonshine made down here ever since there’s been people down here,” Mike says in the clip. “Matter of fact, during prohibition, this was one of the favorite places for Al Capone to get his moonshine. They’ll still put you in jail for it. I don’t think we can be too careful.”

“I don’t think so either,” Shot replies, to which Mike says, “There was another one just a while back got caught I heard about.”

Well, there you have it: It doesn’t seem Digger has been busted moonshining. At least not yet, that is. But that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen — because what he’s doing is very much illegal, after all.

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