Did David Muir Have an Accident? What Happened to His Nose?

Another theory that some of David’s viewers have come up with is that the news anchor underwent plastic surgery. Some theorize that David got a rhinoplasty done, altering the shape of his nose.

Again, David is not one to share much about his personal life on the internet, so if he did have any professional work done, he has not disclosed that information to the public. That being said, if he had undergone a rhinoplasty surgery, that would explain a lot.

Some viewers have pointed out that despite the fact that David has worked for ABC since 2003, David looks as though he hasn’t aged at all. He’s been on-screen for almost 20 years, though some would argue he looks younger than he did before he started at the network.

If David has had a nose job, then it would explain the brief period of bruising on his face that viewers noticed, and would explain the difference in his appearance over time. 

Unfortunately, unless David decides to ever disclose any work he’s had done, we won’t know for sure whether or not he has actually gone under the knife for cosmetic procedures. At this time, it’s safe to say that David’s well being is OK, and any potential difference you can see in his facial structure could be the result of plastic surgery he’s had done.

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