Details on Selena’s Older Brother

Selena’s family is in the spotlight these days with the release of Selena: The Series — especially because the Netflix drama spends a lot of time with the Tejano music superstar’s brother, A.B. Quintanilla, and his first wife, Evangelina Almeida.

Since the timeframe of the series, A.B. has married another four times. And he seems especially smitten with his current wife, Anjelah Quintanilla. “You changed my world to a beautiful place!” A.B. wrote on Instagram in September 2020, marking the couple’s one-year wedding anniversary. “Te amo mucho, baby! Happy anniversary, my love!”

With Selena: The Series currently streaming, we’ve rounded up more details about A.B., his career, and his love life.

He says the Netflix series shows the family’s humble beginnings.

Source: Premier Live TV/YouTube

In a recent Nothing Beats Experience interview, A.B. says Selena: The Series presents a more truthful version of the Quintanilla family’s history — and the time before Selena became famous — than the 1997 Jennifer Lopez movie did.

“This series, it’s going way back in time … to where I slept on the floor for a year,” he said. “It was one bedroom. It was my dad, my mom, and then Selena would sleep on the other side of my mom.”

A.B. continued, “And the thing about it is, [we] were living with 13 people and one bathroom. 13 people, one bathroom. You know what I’m saying? And it was a very small house. The thing is, that those were a lot of hard knocks. In the Selena movie, it was like, ‘Hey, we’re #1!’ It didn’t happen like that. That’s not reality.”

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