Corey and Leah’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Relationship Timeline Is Spotty

You could say there was a litany of issues between the young couple, who were thrown together mostly because of their unexpected teen pregnancy. But the catalyst was infidelity.

Teen Mom 2 fans know a thing or two about Leah’s cheating, to which she has admitted on and off the show. But, according to her mom, Dawn Spears, who spoke to the authors of the book Teen Mom Confidential, Corey wasn’t as blameless as some might think.

“Corey was cheating just as much [as Leah],” Dawn said in the tell-all book. “He wouldn’t admit it on camera, so they couldn’t present it on the show. They were both cheating. Leah knew about it, but he wouldn’t let them film it … He let Leah take the blame when in reality he was just as bad.”

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