Complete Your Face Filter on Instagram Is Hilarious — How to Use It

As many of us have been working from home (or home more often since we’re still limiting our physical interaction with each other), we’ve needed creative ways to stave off boredom. We’ve turned to social media to chat with our friends, make new ones, perform activism, and play games so that we can keep ourselves from feeling too shut-in. 

What is the ‘Complete Your Face’ filter?

Instagram has been working hard to bring more fun to the photo app and has allowed people to make their own filters. These can be games (like we see on Facebook Messenger) or regular old photo filters. One user, @manuelgiampaolo decided it would be fun to make a game out of an Instagram filter and he called it “Complete Your Face.” 

The Complete Your Face filter has two modes: Basic and V2 (really titled “Complete ur face v2”) and both are the same game with varying degrees of difficulty. The purpose of this filter is more like a game – where you’re trying to literally “complete” your face. 

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If you blink too early, you may have one eye on the side of your face instead of the center. Blink too late and your lips may be near your chin or sideways. The V2 level is the same strategy as the basic level, however your face parts move around much quicker, meaning you have little time to blink to mark the correct spots. 

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