Chicago-style hot dog icon credited with role in Apple’s latest emoji menu

A Chicago-area hot dog stand is relishing its victory after a nearly two-year social media campaign to secure a place for the all-American meat product in the lexicon of emojis.

A new version of software for Apple Inc.’s
 iPhone, iPad and other products released last week included a pictogram of a hot dog on a bun with mustard that users can employ to spice up their texts and tweets.

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Laura Ustick, a third-generation member of the family that owns Superdawg drive-in, couldn’t be more pleased.

Ustick said she was monitoring “the hot dog emoji chatter on the Internet” while working the lunch shift at the two-outlet chain’s restaurant in Wheeling, Ill., on Wednesday, when she saw that the new operating system was available.

“I had to run off the line and download it,” she said. “I think I was one of the first ones. I had to do that to truly spread the word to everyone.”

Now, the restaurant’s Twitter account is virtually lined with hot-dog emoji wallpaper.

Ustick said she helped organize and harness the interest in a hot-dog emoji, but the effort really took off with a Page 1 article in the Wall Street Journal in March 2014.

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