Charlie Hunnam Does Not Have Kids — He Explains Why

Charlie met his current girlfriend, jewelry designer Morgana McNelis, in 2005. The couple has been going strong for 15 years and keeps their relationship mostly out of the public spotlight. 

In an interview with Bravo’s Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM Radio show this past January, Charlie said that marriage was not something he particularly cares for, but that his girlfriend is very much ready to be engaged. 

He later backtracked and explained himself to TooFab, saying that what he meant to say was that he already feels married.

 “The reality is I sort of consider myself married … I suppose what I was trying to articulate was that the official government sanctioning of it doesn’t mean anything to me, but the romance of it means an enormous amount,” he explained. 

In another interview, he added, “I’ll do it because it’s important to her, but I don’t have any great romantic feelings towards it.”

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