Carmela From ‘Return to Amish’ — Her Divorce, Kids, and More

Carmela previously shared her story on YouTube, revealing she was involved in an extreme religious group. She was introduced to the cult, which followed the teachings of American Christian minister William M. Branham, by a school friend and joined the “church” after being approved by the leader around age 12. 

Like the Amish, the group didn’t watch TV or listen to the radio, and followers wore modest clothing. Unlike the Amish, Carmela says their group had a “prophet” who said he could predict the future and had a very close relationship with God. 

She eventually left the cult, but admitted to stealing clothes and makeup while a member in order to “survive.” 

“I believed everything this person said … he said he was a prophet,” Carmela explained. “He could actually predict things, things would happen … I truly felt that he was close to God.” 

Her video discussing her time in the cult has since been taken down.

Watch Carmela and Jeremiah on Return to Amish Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. 

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