Can You Put Links on TikTok? The Video App Is Having a Moment

Just like with Instagram, there are now TikTok “influencers” who have become famous for, well, being famous. Internet famous, that is. And like Instagram influencers, the ones on TikTok likely have links in their bios to let you know just who they are, how to get in touch with them, and where to buy their merch. Because yes, there are plenty of influencers who have merchandise you are going to want to get your hands on so you can flaunt your TikTok super fandom to the world.

When you go to “edit profile,” you can add your personal website link right in there. You can also soon add links in videos to promote any e-commerce business you have. Like other social media influencers, those on TikTok will be able to use in-video links to send users to third party websites for other information or to make purchases.

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