Brittany Galvin From ‘The Bachelor’ Was Accused of Being a Sugar Baby

In the promo for Matt’s season of The Bachelor which aired after the season premiere, one of the women, Katie Thurston, is shown making a strong accusation about who newcomer Brittany is. She says, “Well I’ve heard two different terms going around, I’ve heard ‘sugar baby’ and ‘escort.”’ Then, there’s a shot of fellow contestant Anna Redman adding, “She may be having a transactional relationship with wealthy men.”

It’s unclear where these accusations stem from, but Reality Steve theorized that, because both Anna and another contestant, Kaili Anderson, work in the Chicago club scene, they might have heard rumors about Brittany, which explains their claims. However, Brittany herself has not come out to say she is a sex worker, nor has she addressed the accusations publicly. So for now, the accusations are just that.

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