Brandi Redmond Spent 5 Years as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader: Details!

What years was Brandi Redmond a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader?

The beauty was part of the well-known lineup for five years — from 2000 to 2002, then again in 2004 and 2005. She took a break in 2003 to marry husband Bryan Redmond. 

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“[People think] that they’re airheads and ditzy,” Brandi said of the stereotypes that come with being a cheerleader. “And what I will always say to that [is that] with the [Dallas] cheerleaders they are full-time mothers; there have been teachers, doctors, you name it across the board.”

In an interview with The Daily Dish, Brandi revealed that every woman on the Dallas Cowboys squad must have a full-time job, be a full-time student, or be a full-time mom.

“So I’m like, ‘Suck it, people. We work so hard,'” she likes to tell naysayers. “You get to rehearsal and you practice almost every night of the week during the season.”

Brandi emphasized that the life of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader is less glamorous than it seems. “There’s not a lot of drinking or partying when you’re a cheerleader because, obviously, you’re so busy,” she explained, though the gig does come with some perks.

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“And they do a lot for the community, from helping with charitable causes to just going to visit children’s hospitals and bringing smiles to their little faces,” she added. “The same with nursing homes. There’s so many amazing things they do.”

Brandi’s passing the love down to her daughters, Brooklyn and Brinkley. The pair frequently appears in Dallas Cowboys regalia on their mom’s Instagram. We wouldn’t expect anything less!

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