Boeing says weather likely wasn’t to blame for Starliner launch postponement

Boeing Co. said a storm Monday near the launch site in Florida for its Starliner space capsule likely wasn’t the cause of a problem with valves in a propulsion system for the vehicle, but teams plan more checks for water or electrical damage.

In a statement Wednesday evening, Boeing
also said the problem concerned valves in the propulsion system for Starliner’s service module.

The Starliner crew module is meant to fly at least five missions, but the service modules are made for each flight, per company information about the vessel, and help slow the Starliner down upon reentry from orbit before detaching.

Boeing and United Launch Alliance also plan to tweak plans for moving its Starliner capsule atop a ULA rocket inside. The companies will now shift the vehicle from a launch pad to a structure on Thursday instead of Wednesday.

Boeing said the new schedule will allow a team to “complete necessary work” ahead of its inspections that will take place inside the facility.

NASA said Tuesday evening the move of the vehicle indoors was expected to take place as soon as Wednesday.

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