Bella Poarch Apologizes for New Racist Tattoo, Promises to Cover It

When fans saw Bella’s new tattoo, many were upset about it, citing her ignorance as a Filipino American influencer. Many rushed to inform the TikToker of the racist past of her tattoo, of which Bella claimed she had no knowledge of.

“I’m very sorry if my tattoo offends you. I love Korea please forgive me,” she wrote in a video discussing the tattoo. “I would never do anything to hurt anyone,” she continued in the caption.

Many of her followers were not pleased with this apology, as they felt it wasn’t sincere and didn’t appropriately address the issue. While there were some followers who commented accepting her apology, many of her Korean followers did not.

“I will have the tattoo removed or do cover up [sic],” she commented on her post. “I did not know the history behind this tattoo and I will educate others about it.”

“My Filipino friends also said they didn’t know about it until I told them. So it’s better if we just educate people instead of arguing,” she continued in a response to her comment.

She did not provide further details as to how or when she plans to cover up the tattoo, though the continued comments on her posts make it clear her followers will not let her forget about it.

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