Bella Poarch and Tyga Tape Leak — Is Tyga Dating the TikTok Star?

Bella’s fans noticed back in September that the TikTok star was making a few appearances on Tyga’s TikTok account. The duo posted a couple of videos together on the video-sharing app, and that quickly devolved into rumors that the two were linked romantically.

But while the pair have not been publicly hanging out or flirting since, there have been rumors circulating that there’s a NSFW video of the two of them together, leaked from an OnlyFans.

Many Twitter users have talked about the video, claiming to have seen it or that they know where to find the leak, though there is no confirmation that there is actually a video of the two of them together. Users online have made plenty of memes in reference to the potential tape, though no one has been able to confirm its existence. It looks as though if there is a video of the pair, it was uploaded once and has since been taken down.

Neither party has addressed the allegation of their sex tape leaking, though this isn’t the first time Tyga has faced rumors of an intimate tape of his leaking. Previously, there were rumors that a video of him and his ex Kylie Jenner had been uploaded online, though again, no one could confirm these rumors.

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Surprisingly, not that many of Bella or Tyga’s fans rushed to defend their private property being leaked online, instead prompting other users to send them info on how to access it.

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