‘Are You The One’ Star Jonathan Short Recently Came Out to His Dad

Shattering typical reality dating show heteronormative culture, Are You The One? Come One Come All follows a group of 16 sexy singles looking to find their “perfect match.” Oh, and this diverse group of reality stars happen to all be sexually fluid.  

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MTV’s groundbreaking show has captivated audiences across America. If these Season 8 contestants can find their match, they’ll each split $1 million. In a clip for the all-new July 3 episode, a playful game of truth or dare quickly gets out of hand. Are You The One? contestant Jonathan Short is dared to make his No. 2 (the person who he ranked second on his list of perfect matches) take a shot out of his belly button. “I don’t want to,” he replies in the clip posted ahead of the episode.“Can I just take a shot?” 

Source: MTV

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During his confessional interview, Jonathan tells cameras, “I just want to respect Justin (the guy he is definitely interested in). Justin is sitting there right beside me. I wish they would’ve asked me to take a shot out of Justin’s belly button and I would have had no problem doing it.” 

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He just came out to his dad as bisexual.

The 28-year-old recently revealed via Twitter that he was coming out to his dad as bisexual when they watched the season premiere of Are You The One together. “This wasn’t my storyline … but I’ve never told my dad I’m ‘bi’ and he’s watching the show with me tonight. I’m nervous. He only knows about me liking females,” he wrote ahead of the Season 8 episode.  

Jonathan continued to tweet about his nerves, even debating if he should tell his dad before watching the show. Updating fans the next day, he tweeted: “My dad just kinda shrugged his shoulder, gave me a hug, and went home. He’s a man of few words usually… so I guess he’s registering it?” Adding, “It was definitely odd watching it with him. Big kudos for everyone strong enough to come out! I love you.”

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jonathan short ayto

Source: Twitter

Jonathan is seriously #hairgoals.

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Though his Instagram is currently set to private, you can see a ton of snaps on his Twitter profile. 

“What’s your superpower?” he captioned a recent photo posing in front of a waterfall. Seriously, can Pantene get this guy a contract ASAP? 

You may recognize him from another reality TV series.

Before appearing on AYTO, Jonathan was a cast member on Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid. The reality show centers on a man and a woman stranded in a remote area and tasked with surviving in the great outdoors. 

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jonathan short ayto naked and afraid

Source: Discovery Channel

“Jonathan wants to challenge himself on Naked and Afraid to encourage, inspire, and help others find the confidence, skill, and ability he once had to find on his own,” his show bio reads, even stating that his top three survival skills are building fires, shelter building, and water purification. 

Catch Jonathan on new episodes of Are You The One? Come One Come All July 3 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/jonathan-short-are-you-the-one

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