Are you smarter than a college student? Take this quiz about money

Much ink has been spilled about America’s struggles to teach high school and college students how to handle their money.

The good news is that it appears college students feel relatively confident in their money-management skills — more than 60% said they were excellent or good at handling money, in a recent survey conducted by Sallie Mae — and they want to learn more, the survey found. The bad news: That doesn’t necessarily mean they have a total understanding of how financial products work. Just 31% answered all three questions Sallie Mae posed about credit correctly.

This is troubling, given that the bulk of college students these days use a loan to attend school. Research indicates students don’t learn much about their loans before they take them on and borrowers are often confused by or don’t fully understand all of their options for repayment.

Of course, a lack of financial knowledge is just one of many components contributing to the growth in student loan debt. The cost of college skyrocketed over the past several years and since a college education has become more necessary than ever to participate in today’s economy, students from low-income backgrounds are increasingly going to college, meaning they likely have to take out loans to pay for it.

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Still, a better understanding of the costs of college and the inner workings of student loans could help students avoid taking on unnecessary debt. But before you condescend to those college students about their lack of money skills, remember that just 20% of retirement-age Americans were able to pass a basic quiz about how to make sure their savings last through retirement, according to a 2014 survey from the American College of Financial Services.

See how you stack up against college kids by taking the quiz below:

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