Are Ethan and Amber From ‘Are You the One?’ Still Together? Details!

After their season ended, Ethan and Amber stayed together. As hard as it might be for some to believe in the magic of reality TV love, and on MTV at that, this is one couple who managed to not only stay together, but get married and start a family. Apparently, the brains behind The Bachelor need to take a few cues from the Are You the One? producers, because they obviously did something right in the inaugural season of the dating show.

Season 1 of Are You the One? premiered in January 2014 and Ethan and Amber got married the same year. Not too long after, they started a family and they now have two kids together. In September 2020, Ethan shared an anniversary post on Instagram gushing about how in love with Amber he is and how he is looking forward to the next several decades together. They are, in a word, adorable.

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