Are Cheyenne and Matt Still Together on ‘Teen Mom’? It’s Looking Grim

Back in November 2019, fans with a keen eye noticed that both Cheyenne and Matt had deleted all photos of themselves as a couple from their Instagram accounts. Which seems like an odd thing to do for two people who were in a committed relationship, right?

Not only did Cheyenne and Matt erase nearly all social media evidence of having been a couple, but they also haven’t posted any new photos together since then. It didn’t take long before viewers were convinced they had called it quits.

Eventually, Cheyenne confirmed that she and Matt had split during a Q&A session on Instagram.

Matt also confirmed their breakup, except he did so via Instagram live. “Yes, I am single. I wish I could give you guys more of an understanding, but I actually didn’t get close. I don’t really know what the f–k happened if you want me to be real,” he said, according to OK! magazine. 

“I am not here to bash anybody, my ex included. I still love her, it’s just, you know, I will always have a love for her, everybody around her as well, her family and friends, all of that kind of stuff,” Matt continued. “I can’t really give you too much, because I don’t know. If you know me, you know me, you know me, you know kind of what happened I guess as far as the energy being shifted, you know what I mean. When the energy fell off, I just fell back you know.”

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