Are Any of the ‘Are You the One?’ Season 2 Couples Still Together?

Would you be able to find your soul mate if you were locked up with them — and 19 others in a beautiful villa in San Juan, Puerto Rico? That’s the question the contestants of Season 2 of Are You the One? had to face back in 2014. 

While some of the couples broke up before the Are You the One? reunion episode — looking at you, Pratt and Paris — some ended up sticking it out together for a while. So, are any of the couples still together? Read on to find out. 

Curtis Hadzicki and Jenni Knapmiller started dating after they left Season 2 of ‘Are You the One?’.

Curtis Hadzicki and Jenni Knapmiller announced their engagement on Oct. 8, 2020, via an adorable Instagram post. The catch is: They didn’t enter Are You the One? as each other’s perfect matches. 

Even though his perfect match was Shelby Yardley, Curtis preferred spending time with Briana Lacuesta. As a previous article by Bustle reveals, he didn’t manage to strike up a long-lasting relationship with either. Meanwhile, Jenni was coupled up with John Moustis on the show. 

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Some ‘Are You the One?’ couples turned out to be much less fortunate.

“I was a douchebag, I was a d–k,” Tyler Pratt reportedly described his breakup with Paris Eike on a previous episode of Are You the One?.

Although they discovered that they were a perfect match relatively early on in the show, they didn’t manage to make it work in the long run. It’s understood that Pratt and Paris broke up by the time the shooting of the last episode, titled “The Aftermatch 2,” wrapped up. 

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Pratt’s current relationship status is unknown. Paris hasn’t posted photographs with a significant other for some time now, and she might be single as well. 

are you the one season  couples still together

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The perfect matches that didn’t make it include Dario Medrano and Ashley Hall, Alex Phillips and Jasmine Pendleton, and Brandon Tindel and Briana. As of January 2020, Dario was in a relationship, while Ashley’s relationship status is unknown. 

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It’s understood that Anthony Bartolotte and Garland Brown were among the contestants who failed to form a relationship during their time on Are You the One?. On the other hand, Nathan Siebenmark and Ellie Puckett Garza left the show together — but they have split up since then. 

Anthony is in a happy relationship, while Garland’s relationship status isn’t known. Ellie is happily married, and she is the proud mother of a beautiful boy. Nathan’s relationship status is unknown at this time.

Season 1 and 2 of Are You the One? are available on Netflix now. 

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