An Update on Scott Peterson’s Former Girlfriend Today

Amber Frey’s book, Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson, was released in January of 2005. In it, she shares her shocking realization that he’d been involved in the disappearance of Scott Peterson’s wife and her journey helping the Modesto Police Department build their case against him. 

This included recording personal conversations and reporting back to law enforcement. The tapes were reportedly played during Scott Peterson’s trial as evidence against him and played a significant role in the trial.

In 2020, the California court system overturned the death penalty for Scott Peterson and ordered a new trial. However, Allred said that Frey was “relieved” that his guilty verdict was not overturned. 

In a 2017 interview on ABC’s 20/20, Amber Frey revealed, “If there’s a point … that they need me to testify again, or whatever else, then I’d be available to do so.” 

That point may be coming soon. 

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