Americans get it all wrong when it comes to curing a hangover

A greasy breakfast and a Bloody Mary won’t cure what ails you.

Come New Year’s Day, many of us will be feeling a little, er, under the weather, thanks to the abundance of booze we consumed the night before. And many will try to cure that hangover with a remedies like washing our greasy breakfast down with a little hair of the dog.

Indeed, data that ride-sharing app Lyft ran for Moneyish shows that brunch spots — particularly those that also serve booze, like Ophelia’s in Denver, which has bottomless mimosas — are popular spots on New Year’s Day. Here are the most popular brunch hotspots for New Year’s Day in 10 cities across America, according to Lyft.

Most popular post-New Year’s Eve brunch restaurants:
Atlanta: Big Sky Buckhead
Chicago: Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba
Denver: Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox
Los Angeles: Perch
Miami: Yardbird
San Diego: Gossip Grill
San Francisco: The Brixton
Nashville: Acme Feed & Seed
Seattle: Rhein Haus Seattle
Washington DC: Founding Farmers DC

Unfortunately for those who are looking to cure the pounding headache, nausea and overall yucky feeling, a boozy brunch isn’t the answer. According to a Smithsonian investigation, there isn’t “a super food/drink/ritual that can magically remove the after-effects of a night spent binge drinking.”

Plus, there’s “no evidence that the so-called ‘hair of the dog’ technique (that is, drinking the morning after) has any effectiveness whatsoever. It might temporarily dull your senses, making you less aware of the hangover symptoms, but it does nothing to resolve the underlying physiological problems—and, of course, it can just lead to another hangover.”

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So what does work? Frankly, not much (other than not drinking too much in the first place). Aspirin or ibuprofen will help treat that nasty headache, and Tums or Pepto-Bismol can help with an upset stomach. Other than that, the best cure is this: Lay in bed with plenty of water and wait it out.

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